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Jews of Babylon

Amer Hanna


The Untold Story of the Indigenous Jewish People of Babylon

As his subtitle on the first page indicates, Dr. Amer Hanna Fatuhi has undertaken an enormous challenge: to chronicle the untold history of the indigenous Jewish people of Babylon in the Middle East regions, (Mesopotamia/The Land of Eden) and (The Promised Holy Land of Isreal) over an extensive expanse of more than 7000 years.

From the scientific historical discoveries and Biblical statements, Babylon is not a foreign land for the Jews because it was originally their ancestors’ birthplace and Father Abraham’s native land where he was called to move from Ur of the Chaldeans/ Babylonia to the Promised Land.

Despite the many technical challenges, the author has provided a creditable statement concerning the Jews of Babylon and their place in history.  His work provides a valuable resource to all people of today, especially the Jews of Babylon ethnic background as native Mesopotamians.

In my perspective, THE JEWS OF BABYLON, Past & Present surpasses the conventional perspective in tackling the chronological history of the indigenous Jewish people of Babylon (The Land of Eden) over an extensive expanse of more than seven millenniums. It leads the reader into unknown territory that only a few or no scholar has ventured to write about before due to the vocal objections echoed by traditional academics.

THE JEWS OF BABYLON, Past & Present is a very rich book with illustrations, maps, and images made specifically to serve as genuine attempts to recognize the Jews of Babylon as the indigenous people of ancient Mesopotamia.

As stated by the author, “The main goal of his study is to serve as a sincere attempt to preserve the Jewish people of Babylon’s deep and rich identity that goes thousands of years beyond the Jewish religious calendar of Rabbi Yose ben Halafta, who lived in the 2nd century AD.”

In short, this groundbreaking, full-color illustrated book, deeply and uniquely represents the history and the remarkable achievements of the Jews of Babylon.

Emma Elijah, Senior Editor

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